Exchanging crypto instantly shouldn’t be a nightmare: Why ChangeNow?

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My first experience with converting cryptocurrency back in 2016 was not a particularly rosy one. I remember having to change across multiple platforms before i eventually got fiat into my bank account. Although, being new to the crypto space then, i felt it was not such a big deal, all that mattered was getting my money out but as i retrospectively think of it now, i couldn’t help but smile at how much i might have lost in the process, talk less of the time it took changing those coins and the associated risks.

Today, cryptocurrency payments and exchanges are a commonplace thing, at least in the light of the evolution taking place in the crypto space now, it has become easy more than ever to exchange one cryptocurrency to the other and for the most part since then everyone is now faced with several options of conversion. But one thing is still obviously lacking in this space- A seamless user experience.

I understand that blockchain/crypto startups are not like traditional companies that people are well familiar with already. The enterprise design thinking systems as observed in most traditional organizations are not yet there in the blockchain space also. As such, most blockchain/crypto companies need more than a disruptive blockchain idea or a fancy whitepaper to create solutions and unique experiences for their users.

The current reality now is exchanges have been a unique bridge for the current mass exodus of people to adopt cryptocurrecy. And it has over the years provided a safe haven for people to store and trade crypto. The major use case of crypto as a store of value and for trading has even turned blockchain as a buzzword to something easily understandable and relatable.

Individuals can trade crypto from the comfort of their homes and have variety of options to choose from. But the major decision right now for most people and businesses is the right choice of payment or exchange gateway. A bad choice could lead to a major disappointment, stress or loss.

ChangeNow’s Interface

Cryptocurrency payment and exchange gateway like ChangeNow has made accepting payments in a wide range of cryptos and getting them instantly converted into a coin of your choice and sent to your wallet really simple. The truth is, it is sometimes an hassle for a newbie to navigate some exchanges but ChangeNow has been a life saver for individuals and businesses.

Overtime, with my experience in the crypto space, one thing I’ve always looked out for in an exchange service is security, liquidity, awesome user experience and the ease of use. No doubt, ChangeNow ticks all the boxes and with the introduction of their new service NOWPayments, it has become even more easier for everyone both merchants and individuals to use crypto in shops, online and offline.

Now, whatever your reason for getting into the cryptocurrency world, it is always adviceable to use exchange gateways that offers security, ease of use among many other features.

NOWPayments Features

Custody -free solutions and optimum security.

Over 40 cryptocurrencies available, transparent and instant conversion.

Transaction fee as low as 0.5%

No hidden or extra charges

Simple APIs and popular e-commerce widgets OpenCart

Invoices to formalize your business

Donation widget etc

With all these features cryptocurrency newbies, traders and even merchants are going to love the NOWPayments product of ChangeNow because it summarizes all that anyone could ever need in a product.

Absolutely no need for fear of loss of crypto due volatility of coins because you are covered and you have the awesome feature of accepting your funds in a stablecoin wallet as well. With NOWPayment, send and receive crypto in just few clicks through a non-custodial wallet and receive any crypto of your choice.

Start exchanging your tokens now!

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast|| Frontend Developer || UI Designer || Administrator

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Omoniyi Omisade

Omoniyi Omisade

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast|| Frontend Developer || UI Designer || Administrator

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