How Bluzelle will ensure data scalability and security in blockchains through its mainnet launch


The development of the blockchain technology is indisputably one of the greatest innovations in the digital space. In layman term, a blockchain is a decentralized, open digital ledger that can record transactions between parties efficiently and in a verifiable way. This ledger is used for cryptocurrency exchanges, smart contracts, gaming, supply chain management and finance management.

Blockchain technologies are propelling the next generation of the internet. Based on a peer to peer (P2P) topology, blockchains allow data to be stored globally on thousands of servers. To utilize the opportunity offered by blockchains to the digital space, blockchain platforms are launching decentralized applications (dApps) that changes the way products and services are exchanged. These dApps exchange massive amount of data that need to be stored and managed.

Data Scalability and Security Challenge of Blockchains

Even though blockchain technologies are transforming the digital space, they still face a major challenge when it comes to the storage and management of data. The dApps launched by blockchain platforms need to exchange massive amounts of data while storing and managing the data on the blockchain. However, most blockchains are not designed for data storage and management. This has led to issues with data scalability and security.

The data scalability challenge of blockchain is a major hurdle which limits its adoption. For instance, the Bitcoin blockchain currently has a size of about 250 gigabyte while the Ethereum full archive node currently takes up over 3 terabyte of data. There is also a forecast of growth in data to 175 zettabytes per year in 2025. Supporting these enormous data amount would be problematic for blockchains.

Also, ensuring the security of data exchanged by dApps has been a major challenge for most blockchains. Due to their ineffectiveness in managing data, the data of dApps stored on blockchains are always susceptible to data breaches. This often results in massive data theft. Without the assurance of data security, the adoption of blockchain cannot be fully grown.

Bluzelle as a Solution to the Data Scalability and Security Challenge of Blockchain

Bluzelle is a decentralized database service for dApps developers. Founded in 2014 by Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka, the Bluzelle database is designed to manage large amounts of data for dApps in a secure, highly scalable and censorship resistant manner. By implementing swarm technology, the database ensures that developers gain access to the highest throughput in performance, scalability and security. A swarm contains large group of nodes which work together to store and manage data.

To ensure scalability, Bluzelle uses algorithms which store data in a unique, coordinated and organized way. On the Bluzelle database, scalability is possible both horizontally and vertically. This ensures that the performance levels of the database are kept consistent even as the volume of data being stored is increased. The database is designed to automatically distribute data across the entire network of swarms when there is a sudden increase in the data volume. This ensures that attempts to access, update or delete data are automatically and uniformly distributed to meet the requirement for performance consistency.

To ensure data security, Bluzelle ensure that its use of consensus is the only method by which updates to the network can be accepted as the truth. The database also leverages blockchain technology so that once data is stored on its network, it is impossible to change the data. It employs cryptography and sharding techniques to provide a data privacy guarantee. Furthermore, it stores tiny pieces of data redundantly on nodes across the globe thereby eliminating any simple point of failure or attack.

Bluzelle has recently advanced its resolve to realise its decentralized database services offering with the completion of its testnet phase. Less than 1 month after the completion of its new testnet phase, the database is set to move to its MainNet launch. The MainNet launch will ensure increased public usage of the database, improved security, enhanced scalability and higher performance. Sequel to the launch, the database will be providing enterprise grade database services at a price to all dApps developers.


Data storage and management has been a challenge for most blockchain over the years. However, Bluzelle has achieved efficient data storage and management abilities through its high.

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Omoniyi Omisade

Omoniyi Omisade

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast|| Frontend Developer || UI Designer || Administrator

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