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Bluzelle is the distributed open-source database service founded in 2014 by Pavel Bains and Neeraj Murarka to enable the storage and management of data in a secure, durable and highly efficient manner.

The database, which is powered by Cosmos and its BFT technology, Tindermint, is a decentralized data-store technology providing highly scalable, cost-effective and secure storage solutions for decentralized applications (dApps).

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By utilizing swarming technologies, the decentralized data layer is solving the numerous data breach and data theft challenges faced by dApps developers as they continue to build dApps. The database uses algorithms that store data in a coordinated way to ensure that dApps developers achieve the highest throughput in performance, data security and scalability.

The use cases of the Bluzelle database are wide-ranging. However, in this article, we will look at the most important use cases of the database.

Use cases of the bluzelle database

Data Storage

Bluzelle provides a decentralized data storage facility for dApps. The database enables dApps to store and manage their data in a place that is both decentralized and mutable.

Bluzelle algorithms store data in a unique, distributed and intelligent manner to provide enterprise-level scalability. The database leverages blockchain technology to make it impossible to change a data once the data is stored to the network.

Bluzelle redundantly store tiny pieces of data on nodes across the globe to eliminate any point of failure. This helps to keep developers’ data easily accessible, censorship resistant and secure from hackers.

Data caching

Apart from its use as a data storage facility, the Bluzelle data-store technology can be used as a data cache. Caches reduce the loads on databases by enabling dApps to easily request for frequently used data.

Bluzelle cache helps dApps to store data that is regularly used. This saves time and data by enabling developers to access frequently used data faster without having to hit the database each time for data.

The Bluzelle cache provides developers with numerous decentralized nodes operated by members of the public all over the world. This helps to ensure that users have access to the cache no matter their location.

Online gaming

The Bluzelle database is also revolutionizing the online gaming sector. With the database’s decentralized data cache, there are data centers dispersed throughout the world where the data of online games are replicated at the same time.

By using the Cache, game developers do not have to worry about setting up each time in different locations where the data is already dispersed. This means that no matter the location of game players, they will get the best game performance possible.


By utilizing its cache, Bluzelle is also impacting the media sector. The Bluzelle cache provides caching services to media houses and handles the vast metadata that is being collected, generated and disseminated by the media. This metadata is critical to being competitive and the ability to deliver data results quickly for use. Through its cache, Bluzelle is enabling streaming media companies to reach a global customer base and acquire a performance advantage.

Crypto currency exchanges

The Bluzelle database enables crypto currency exchanges through its tokens: the Ethereum ERC-20 external token (BLZ) and the Bluzelle Network Token (BNT). The externally tradable token (BLZ) bridges the BNT with Ethereum’s own native ETH token. To participate in the network as a consumer, users can buy BLZ tokens on a crypto-exchange using ETH, BTC or other crypto currencies the exchange allows. The BLZ tokens will then be utilized to issue BNT tokens to the user on the Bluzelle Token Gateway. Using the issued BNT tokens, the user can then transact in the network.


The use cases of the Bluzelle Database are vast. The use cases discussed in this article are just a tip of the benefits Bluzelle is equipped to deliver.

Implementing effective storage and management of data is a challenge for dApps developers and the Bluzelle decentralized database offers the right solution to the challenge.


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